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Transformation Report 2021

Transformation Report 2018 - 2020


You are invited to provide your inputs into the development of the next 5-year NELSON MANDELA UNIVERITY INSTITUTIONAL TRANSFORMATION PLAN (2023-2027).


Should you wish to provide inputs, please click below to identify whether you are a staff member or a student:


The Sectoral Transformation Barometer, which was agreed to by all Vice-Chancellors, contains the following key elements relating to Transformation at University level:

  1. Institutional culture
  1. Governance and Management
  2. Professionalisation of ‘Transformation’ work
  3. Social structure of the academy
  4. Social inclusion/ cohesion
  5. Language and Symbols
  1. Equity and redress
  1. Access and success (staff)
  2. Support/ opportunity
  3. Diversity and inclusivity
  1. Research, scholarship and post-graduate studies
  1. Knowledge transformations
  2. Diversity and inclusivity
  3. Internationally recognised research on ‘race’, ‘gender’, ‘disability’ and social justice
  1. Leadership, relations with external stakeholders, and community engagement
  1. Diversity, training, development and professional growth
  2. Transformational leadership
  3. Socially just, diverse, inclusive community engagement
  4. Equity-based external engagement
  1. Teaching and learning
  1. Inclusive enrolment planning
  2. Access and success (students)
  3. Critical pedagogies
  4. Diversity competencies


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