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One can report at the Transformation Office via online reporting system (found on the Portal) or E-mail

Protective measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • No-contact orders, where appropriate;
  • Change of University student residence, where appropriate and practically possible;
  • Change of academic classes and academic concessions, where appropriate and
  • Special leave (employees) or leave of absence (students), where appropriate.
  • Where the complainant is unwilling to participate in the process, the complainant may be called before the inquiry panel to provide reasons why there is unwilling to participate in the formal disciplinary hearing against the alleged perpetrator.
  • The disciplinary panel will need to deliberate on the evidence available to determine whether the matter can continue without the active participation of the complainant.
  • Where the formal disciplinary process can continue, the head of LSO and/or ERO should apply to the Registrar and ED HR, respectively for a deviation from the normal disciplinary process
  • Should the panel determine that the formal disciplinary process cannot continue, such a decision will need to be reflected in the chairperson’s report for record purposes.

In the event of an anonymous complaint being lodged, such complaint shall nevertheless be investigated to the extent possible in terms hereof.

Anything one thinks is of importance and might work in their favour to bring justice and not be of malicious intent eg; calling of witnesses, electronics (Images, written words, videos, sound clips,WhatsApp voice notes, CCTV footage etc.)..

Staff or student portal web page ,under Policies, click on The Institutional Regulatory Code (IRC)  - Policies, procedures and rules tab and click on 700 ORGANISATIONAL TRANSFORMATION AND EQUITY dropdown box and click on 701.10  Promotion of Equality and the Prevention and Protection against Unfair Discrimination